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Let us explain the very basics of web hosting for you. We just like to think of this guide as another convenience we provide in order to help you maximize your hosting experience.

Before you order you may want to know exactly what all this hosting stuff really means. You want to know exactly what you are getting for your money and, more importantly, if you actually need it. So, we have created this quick reference guide to help you pick the plan that will be perfect for you. After reading this guide you will be able to decide if you need more bandwidth or more space, if you need more FTP or more email addresses, and if you really need those extra few MySQL databases.

All web hosting includes an allocated amount of bandwidth. You will get a monthly allowance and it will most likely be a number in Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB). When someone visits your website (referred to as a visitor) their computer pulls information from the server you website is located on and transfers it to their computer. This transfer of information uses some of your allocated bandwidth. In general, the more intricate your web page is, the more bandwidth it uses per visitor. Pages with many photos, music, etc use more bandwidth than pages with all text. You only need a lot of bandwidth if you are planning on having a large number of visitors to your site and have an intricate site.

The second thing all hosting plans must include is space. Space is simply the amount of storage allocated for you to place your website in. This number will be in Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB). The more space you have, the more stuff you can put online. If you plan on putting pictures or big files online, make sure you go with a hosting plan with a large amount of space. If you plan on hosting a small site with just a few pages, then pick a plan with less storage. A typical plan would include 500 MB of storage and 1 GB of transfer. This is often more than enough for a small website.

Email accounts are almost universally considered a must for website owners. If you have a website you should have an email address for that site. Most sites need only one email address per person. Find the number of people who are “behind the scenes” of a site, and give each of them one email address. For example, if you are planning on having a family website, give one email address to each family member. A typical website requires at least 3 email accounts.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to transfer files between your computer and your website quickly and easily. FTP is not required, and not necessary for small sites or sites that don’t change often. I would suggest picking a plan with lots of FTP access if you are creating a website for business or one that needs constant changes and/or updates.

My SQL Databases are necessary for things like most photo galleries, calendars, shopping carts, etc. Simple sites do not need these databases, but someone looking to place a photo gallery, support system, etc. on their site should get a hosting plan with these included. Each item that requires My SQL will use one database, so pick a plan with enough databases for your specific situation. Only factor databases into a decision if you think you may use them at some point.

90% of people should be on a shared server (a server with many different hosting clients on it), but some may want a dedicated server. A dedicated server is what big businesses or high traffic sites need, but they are not cheap. Dedicated servers host you and you alone (hence the term dedicated), but prices for these start around $150/month.

Your rights as our customer

  • You can change your plan to fit your needs without penality.
  • Need more space and less bandwidth? No problem. More bandwidth and fewer email accounts? No problem.

  • You can upgrade your plan at any time and without penalty.
  • If you buy a small plan now and find your site growing quickly, just send us an email and we will upgrade you without any setup fees. If you start big and need to downsize later don't worry. We are flexible and can adapt your plan for your needs.

  • You can leave whenever you want.
  • We have no contracts. Leave whenever you wish and you will never be charged extra.

  • You can request excellent support whenever you wish and always get it.
  • You will always get support within 1 day and you will never be charged for it.

  • You can get the best without the huge costs.
  • We will provide you with cutting edge hosting and superior service at low costs. We will never slack off.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the order cart and experience this for yourself.

Remember, if you are not 100% satisfied we will refund you, no questions asked.

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