We're the good guys...

and we work for you

Thats right, the good guys. How do we know that? Well, because, way back when, we started out just like you. Daniel, our founder, just needed some web hosting to help a friend out with his email. After several, less-than-optimal experiences with some of the larger players in the hosting world, he decided there was a better way to go about this whole web hosting thing; a way that involved better server reliability, better security, and much better support. So, in 2005, he set out to build a company from scratch that did just that. What lies before you is the product of all that hard work.

In a nutshell, thats our story. We've been around the block and we know what you have to put up with elsewhere. Chances are, you probably do too. So why even risk doing it again? We promise you we are different, so why not try us and see for yourself?

We help people establish a web presence.

We do just about everything you need, and can take you from zero to hero in just about five minutes. Our website will help you find and purchase a domain name, select the right hosting package, and configure everything for you as fast as you can click "next."

Just need some email? No problem.
Need some beefed up spam and virus filters? Easy as pie.
Need some help or have any questions along the way? Well, thats our speciality.

So if you want to establish a new web presence, or even just strengthen your existing one, let us show you how we can help.

Why we're special.

How about we let you hear this directly from our founder, Daniel Hewlette.

So why is Helios Solutions.net different? Well, thats easy: we're personal. I started this place back in the summer of 2005 because I saw a severe lack of personal attention and respect from many of the other web hosts out there. Too many of those guys treat their clients as numbers or dollar values. You call in with a question and they act like they've never heard of you or, worse, that you're wasting their time. Thats not fun. I know that if I ever have a question, I at least expect to talk to someone nice...having them know a little about me is even nicer. So thats what we offer: personal service. For example, I oversee all accounts here. I'm the founder, owner, "Chief Technician," head of happiness, and in charge of quality control. When you sign up with us I will probably even send you a personal welcome email just to say "hi." From then on, you will have my email address and contact information should you ever be unsatisfied. And, whenever you contact me or our support team, we will call you by your name and treat you with respect. It doesn't matter if you are spending $5/month or $50/month, everyone gets great service and support here. And thats why we're different. We are committed to you enjoying your email or hosting services, and will do what it takes to ensure that. We are not here to make a quick buck. We want you to stick around and enjoy your time with us. As such, everything we do is focused on keeping you happy, and I think you will see that as soon as you join us. And if anything ever goes wrong or you want to leave for any reason at all, we will happily refund your monthly payment with no questions asked. Because thats how we do business: one client at a time, every client first.

-Daniel Hewlette

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One client at a time, every client first.

Our guarantee

We guarantee you will like us. We are so sure of this, that we extend this money back guarantee to all of our clients. Should you, at anytime, for any reason, be unsatisfied with our service, we will happily refund your current monthly payment. The only question we will ask is what we did wrong...and you don't have to answer if you don't want to.

Thats just how we operate. No set-up fees or hidden charges and, if you don't like us, we aren't going to salt the wound by forcing you to stick around.

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